Written by Dave Broom with Photographer Jason Lowe

Rum is one of the world’s Oldest and bestselling spirits, Often misunderstood, steeped in tradition and with a colorful though not always honorable past. This is the first comprehensive, illustrated book to cover rum’s history, production, and full range of flavors. The pure rums are detailed by Their island or country of origin with an explanation of the climatic differences and producing methods That Provides Each with one character. A guide to tasting and Evaluating the full range of rums by style and class is Provided along with a section on spiced and blended rums and How They are made and Marketed. Concluded the book, as with a directory of 180 of the world’s rums full notable MOST with statistics, tasting notes, photos label, and a rating from one to five stars. Beverage managers and bartenders, both, professional and at home, Will find this an essential buying guide and very entertaining reading.
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