About Cognac Landy


The Legend of Landy

In 1891 the Briand family, notables of the Cognac area, Began building of the Castle of Bonbonnet HAS domain Including vineyards for centuries. The rich vineyards add to the charm of this old house.

Briand family is Known for a Particular attachment to animals, Especially dogs. The story goes que la preferred companion of places builders Was a greyhound named Landy. It is therefore natural que la House wanted to honor Ferrand aunt by making the symbol of the brand high cognacs to the domain.

The greyhound is Known for the attachment bore Him Many kings of France since Louis XI François 1 st , born in Cognac Itself: elegant and racy, He Was the loyal partner of the French sovereigns for more than six centuries. He Appeared on the arms of the king of France Charles V of France and Henry VIII And many French lords over Wore Their armor and arms oath of allegiance to year Such Their king.

The greyhound illustrates the intrinsic values ​​of Landy: requirement, excellence and elegance.

Creativity is one of the key values ​​That Landy cognacs are presented in luxurious and exclusive bottles, Some designed by great French designers.

Know How


When the cellar master feels that the spirits, after several years of aging, are nearing optimum maturity, he begins the subtle process of blending. By tasting spirits of different ages and origins, he determines those which will combine harmoniously to create a distinctive cognac, perfectly blended in the style that is uniquely Landy.


Ferrand Cognac Made by Landy is a blend of cognacs from The Most exotic and exotic and prestigious origins: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois. Each year, the best grapes from three vineyards are vinified thesis Then distilled separately. The goal at Cognac Ferrand is to create a complex, well-balanced and refined cognac aging in the classic statements of XO, VSOP and VS.

Landy Cognac is distilled in copper pot stills 25 hectoliter. The small capacity helps to concentrate the aromas and flavors of the wine.


First, the young Landy Cognac is Kept in the cool of the cellars Limousin oak casks in new contents, each holding 380 liters of spirit. Their wealth of tannins give it an ideal structure for aging. After about a year, the spirit is Transferred to older casks – the “red casks” – Whose softer tannins Will enable the cognac to mature in perfect condition while Avoiding the development of excessive oak flavors.


Landy Cognac VS

landy vs

Fine gold color.Pleasant nose, supple and harmonious. Orange blossom and orange peel aromas. The smell is reminiscent of the taste of freshly pressed grapes. Very soft mouthfeel.

Landy Cognac VSOP

landy vsop

Fiery amber color. A mellow cognac, long and pleasantly lingering on the palate. Smooth vanilla and ripe fruit flavors rounded by oakier notes.

Double Gold - Landysmall

Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2009)

Landy Cognac XO No. 1

Landy XO small

An intense mahogany color That bears witness to the long aging in oak.
Initially light on the nose with elegant note of honey and dried flowers, Then opening is more complex flavors of sandalwood, plum, liquorice and candied fruit. The finish is supple and spicy with great depth.


French 75


  • 1.0 OZ. Cognac Landy VS
  • 0.25 OZ. Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • 0.25 OZ. Simple Syrup
  • 4.0 OZ. Champagne


  • Shake Cognac, Lemon Juice, and Syrup Over Ice
  • Strain into a Champagne Flute
  • Top it off slowly with Champagne
  • Garnish with Fresh Lemon twist

Mata Hari


  • 1.25 OZ. Cognac Landy VS
  • 1.0 OZ. Chai-infused Sweet Vermouth
  • 0.75 OZ. Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • 13.5 OZ. Pomegranate Juice
  • 0.5 OZ. Simple syrup


  • Add Ice and all the ingredients Into a shaker
  • Shake ingredients over ice
  • Strain Into a chilled cocktail glass.
  • Garnish: Mint Leaf

Field Cocktail


  • 2.0 OZ. Cognac Landy VS
  • 1.0 OZ. Nolly Prat Dry Vermouth
  • 0.75 OZ. Fresh Pineapple Juice


  • Add Cognac Landy , Vermouth, and Pinapple Juice Into mixing glass
  • Stir ingredients
  • Strain Into a chilled Coupe glass.
  • Garnish with a Pineapple leaf.