Kaniché proposes rums exclusively  stemming from the Barbados island ;  Kaniché XO, Kaniché 11 years and
Kaniché Réserve.


Kaniché XO

Kaniche XO small

Distilled in Barbados, Kaniché XO has been aged in bourbon casks and finished in Cognac in Cognac casks in order to reach an optimum refinement. Showing many exotic notes of sugarcne, oaky vanilla, coconut and cocoa, this rum develops an exceptional round palate.

Kaniché 11 Years

Kaniche 11 small

Distilled in column and traditional pot stills and reveals notes of coconut, oaky vanilla and tropical fruit. Round, soft and fruity, Kaniché 11 years old is very harmonious.

Kaniché Reserve

Kaniche Reserve small

Aged in bourbon casks in Barbados then refined in Cognac Casks at the Cognac Ferrand estate, this rum has the typical style of Barbados rum with fresh wood, toffee, vanilla and oaky notes.