Crystal clear and full of character, this vodka is produced from the finest French winter wheat. Distilled 6 times for ultimate refinement. Froggy B vodka is the result of the passion and know-how of an experienced French distiller.

We have full control over the quality from harvest to bottling as every step of the manufacturing process of our vodka has a definite impact on taste and defines the end result of our craft.


You can be organic, French and fun !

This is why Froggy B was created. As industrialization can drive the flavor of products to extreme neutral taste, somewhere in France, we try to keep the richness and savory experience of vodka. Froggy B is the proof that you do not need to be too austere to offer a great quality and tasty organic vodka.


100% French from harvest to bottling, our organic Frenchwheat vodka is redistilled in a tiny cooper pot still in the heart of the Southwest of France. This ultimate touch of French tradition gives Froggy B vodka its creamy texture and incomparable finish.


Planted in the fall, all of our newborn organic wheat plants are harvested in July at their peak of maturity to achieve perfect balance in our organic mash. Such ancestral growing tradition is the pride of the Beauce region of France, where the finest winter-wheat plants in the world are produced every year.



Froggy 75cl

This organic vodka is well balanced with slight nuances of ripe wheat. You will feel a sweet and savory experience that later develops into a fresh mid palate. The finish is vibrant and singular. Smooth as silk, it is to be enjoyed slowly on a cube of ice or mixed in your favorite cocktail.