About Cerbois


From Bas Armagnac

Armagnac is made from grapes Cerbois grown in the vineyards of Armagnac, in The Most Regarded highly terroir at Maignan-Eauze, in the heart of Armagnac. The terroir, famous for Producing The Most exotic and prestigious Armagnacs Consists of the famous “tawny sands” – an iron-rich sandy soil of an ocher color.

Bas Armagnac-have a particularly fine and round bouquet with distinctive purple and plum aromas, Acquiring year Unrivalled richness of flavor with age.

Baco Blanc, a local grape

Cerbois Armagnac is mostly made from Baco Blanc, a local hybrid grape variety (a cross entre Folle Blanche and Noah ou by letter) is reputed to Produce delicate and fruity spirits.

The grapes used to make Armagnac Cerbois are vinified naturally, Without Any additive. The wine is distilled Then ounce in traditional small continuous stills.

Aging and blending

After distillation, the young armagnac is Kept in new oak casks 400 liters and is Stored in small, cool and humid cellars. Armagnac is subsequently Cerbois Transferred to old, less tannic casks, in qui it Will Be reliable to mature. Time Does ict work, Marrying the wood and the spirit through slow oxidation. The aromas and flavors develop – vanilla first, Then purple and plum – as Armagnac Cerbois gradually Acquires icts aromatic complexity and fullness mellow.

Then it is the cellar master’s job to put the finishing touches on Cerbois Armagnac in the blending process. Drawing On His ancestral know-how, he blends the mature spirits to obtenir balance and complexity.


Cerbois VSOP

Small Cerbois VSOP

Fine purple and vanilla aromas with a touch of plum. Very Harmonious and well-balanced on the palate.

Cerbois XO

small Cerbois XO

Cerbois XO Plum, blackberry, peach and walnut aromas. Full and mellow on the palate with pleasantly lingering flavors.